Product Review: Brooks Transcend 4

Product Review: Brooks Transcend 4
  • article date 19 May 2017 by R4YL

I always dream of those effortless training runs where it feels like your floating. Well, I just had one, and it’s not because I am in peak fitness. Quite the opposite in fact, as I coming back from a shin splint injury. No, my floating run can only be attributed to one change – my new Transcend 4 shoes from Brooks.

I have to admit I was nervous about changing shoes, as a return from injury is always a delicate balance of making the right changes at the right time. But as soon as I slipped my foot into this shoe, my confidence returned. This felt good.

It was snug without being tight, and gave me a great feeling of support from the new guide rails under the arch, which are very effective in stabilising the foot. Furthermore, once I began jogging, I instantly felt a spring in my step that I hadn’t felt for a long time. This is most likely due to the Transcend’s new midsole, which provides 25% more cushioning than any other Brooks shoe.

Another great benefit was the supremely grippy shoelaces. I am renowned from my shoelaces coming undone (to the point where I am nicknamed “Laces” at training camps), but these laces didn’t budge.

In recommending this shoe, I wanted to make sure it was not just a great fit for me, as I have quite a narrow foo. So I lent them to my mum for a run (as she has a much wider foot but is luckily the same size) to see what she thought. And she was just as in love, proving that this shoe is suited to a wide variety of runners.

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of runners, definitely give the Transcend 4 a look!