Product Review - Topo Ultrafly

Product Review - Topo Ultrafly
  • article date 11 April 2017 by R4YL

Topo Athletic Footwear was one of the most awarded footwear brands of 2016. Every shoe in the Topo Athletic range feature a roomy toe box to allow the toes to spread and splay naturally, a secure fit through the heel and midfoot, a low heel-to-toe drop to encourage natural motion through the gait cycle and are extremely light weight. The extremely light weight Ultrafly is perfect for runners seeking cushioning and light support.

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James Howe - 34, Attempting to juggle my love of running while also being dad to three kids aged 5 or younger!

The Topo UltraFly is a lot like me and my running style; not necessarily the prettiest but gets the job done! I’d never heard of Topo before but from the first run this shoe delivered comfort. With a wide foot cavity and healthy level of cushioning, I felt supported on both short and longer runs. While other shoes may have bolder claims or innovations, the testament to this shoe is that I didn’t even notice them when I started running – for me that’s a sign of a good shoe!


Leanne Richmond - 44, Back of pack runner covering approx 30kms per week. 

I have had foot and knee surgeries and I am very particular about shoes, but these instantly impressed me for both their colour and lightness. I can usually tell within five minutes of wearing a shoe if I will get a blister or I will love or hate them and fortunately I had no blister and I loved them! I wore them on the road/trail run and they were so comfortable. Great toe box, very roomy, and a good grip for up and down the hills. I will definitely be using these shoes regularly. 

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