Product Review - True WPI 90 and True Endurance Fuel

Product Review - True WPI 90 and True Endurance Fuel
  • article date 26 August 2018 by R4YL

True offer a range of products to help you get the most out of your diet and training no matter what your fitness or health goals may be. Their products are simple, natural supplements better for your body, and your tastebuds. What sets True apart from a lot of the other supplement companies is that their products are 100% natural. No additives, artificial flavours or sweeteners ensuring a delicious taste free from the artificial aftertaste which can sometimes be associated with other fitness supplements.

We tried True WPI 90 and True Endurance. Find out what we thought below.

True WPI 90

Protein powders are usually associated with lifting weights at the gym but managing your protein intake can provide benefits for runners as well. Protein is great for muscle recovery and can help after a hard run but it also helps with lean muscle development and weight management; keeping you performing at your best. While there are multiple sources of protein, protein powders provide a convenient option giving you a hit of protein with minimal preparation. 

True WPI 90 is New Zealand grass-fed whey protein isolate, blended with natural flavourings and contains 24.9g of protein per serve.  There are 12 flavours ranging from the more standard chocolate and vanilla to the slightly more unusual sounding Pina Colada and lemon cake. 

As a long-time consumer of protein powders, I have tried a number of different brands on the market and was really interested to see how True stacked up. Two of the main things I look for in a protein powder are taste and solubility and True WPI 90 really delivered on both of these. I had the sample pack of all 12 flavours and they were all good. Salted caramel, chocolate peanut butter and mocha stood out as favourites but there wasn’t one that I didn’t enjoy. Pina colada and lemon cake were tasty and definitely interesting. I couldn’t fault the powder on how it mixed either. Too many brands don’t mix well and leave you with chunks of powder through the shake but True WPI 90 had none, mixing through for a smooth shake from start to finish. Another positive I found with WPI 90 is that I felt good after drinking the shake. Another unwelcome feature of some other brands had been that they left my stomach feeling rough after a shake but this wasn’t the case with the WPI 90. After finishing the 12 samples I’ve definitely found myself wanting more. 

For those of you out there already taking a protein powder as part of your diet or for those considering it for the first time, I would definitely recommend True WPI 90. 

True Endurance Fuel

Endurance Fuel is True’s cutting edge, ultra pure tri-carb blend consisting of dextrose, maltodextrin and cluster dextrin. It also contains a hydrating mineral formula and is 100% naturally sweetened to provide a complete solution for your endurance requirements. 

It provides carbs for energy, replaces electrolytes, optimises endurance performance while it also contains simple and complex carbohydrates allowing for both instant and gradual fuel. 

Endurance Fuel is the first of this type of supplement that I’d tried and the first thing I noticed was, like the protein powder, how great the taste was. I tried Lemon Burst and was impressed with the clean lemon taste. The solubility of the Endurance Fuel is great as well. It mixes well with no annoying clumps of powder. 

I set out on a Sunday long run and a couple of things struck me with the Endurance Fuel. The first thing was that there was no stomach upset as I had heard can happen using similar products. The second was that I definitely felt more energy. Where I would normally start to feel tired, I felt like I could keep going. 

I’m currently training for a half marathon and will definitely be incorporating Endurance Fuel into my training plan. For an energy boost that tastes great, Endurance Fuel really works.

Both of these products and a whole lot more from True are available at

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