Shoe Review - ASICS Gel-Kayano 25

Shoe Review - ASICS Gel-Kayano 25
  • article date 22 May 2018 by R4YL

For a quarter of a century, the ASICS Gel-Kayano has been the benchmark in stability for runners and they've been my shoe of choice for the last seven. With some brand new technology from ASICS' Institute of Sport Science debuting in the Kayano 25's I was very keen to get out and take them for a run. 

The Kayano 25's are the first in the series to contain two separate foams working in parallel to provide the stability and protection that the Kayano's are famous for. Flyte Foam Lyte sits in the back of the shoe to provide cushioning to the heel and protection to the calves while Flyte Foam Propel sits in the front providing extra responsiveness at the toe-off stage while also working with the runner's foot to give great shock absorption. 

The all-new Two-Layer Jacquard Mesh Upper keeps the shoes light while still offering breathability and a great fit. 

What I've really liked about the Kayano's is that they take very little wearing in so after walking around in them for a day I got the running gear on and wasted no time giving them a workout.  The first thing I noticed is the Flyte Foam Propel at the front of the shoe really does give an extra kick, I found myself going faster than I usually would on a dark Sydney night. After 8km's of flat, downhill and some pretty steep uphill, I can only say positive things about the Kayano 25's.

The cushioning is great and the shoe took very little time to fit to my foot. After running for the first time in other shoes my feet have been a bit sore afterwards but, even running a bit harder, there was none of that with these shoes. The shoes are slightly lighter than the Kayano 24's and the new mesh upper helps add a bit more flexibility. 

I would definitely recommend the Kayano 25's. Those that have run in the previous iterations will love them but to anyone looking for a lightweight shoe with great cushioning and protection, that now gives an extra little kick as you run, look no further!




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