Shoe Review - Brooks Glycerin 16

Shoe Review - Brooks Glycerin 16
  • article date 21 May 2018 by Lara Tamsett

If you thought the Glycerin from Brooks couldn’t get any better, get ready for their latest “super soft” edition. And boy does this shoe live up to its name! Despite running for the majority of my 30 years of life (and having run professionally at an elite level for 10 years), I am yet to run in a more cushioned trainer.

But I wasn’t content to simply experience the Glycerin 16’s super softness - I wanted to know how Brooks engineered this. And there are a number of factors that go into making this shoe the success that it is:

  1. Firstly, the double knit upper is made from what is known as a Jacquard Warp material, which was chosen for its flexibility, support and breathability 
  2. Its bootie has a 2 directional stretch, making the fit super adaptive to various feet shapes
  3. The midsole is constructed from what is known as DNA loft foam, which is the main player in providing the ultra soft feel and ride. Can they start making beds out of this material please?

Not only was the shoe comfortable, but I also felt secure. I have recently moved to Melbourne, so have been experiencing many wet and rainy runs. However, the Omega grooves and blown rubber on the sole made me feel steady and safe in the slippery conditions

And if you’re more fixated on the appearance of the shoe (don’t worry, we are all a little bit shallow), let’s just say the photo speaks for itself. A beauty!

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