Shoe Review - Nike Pegasus Turbo

Shoe Review - Nike Pegasus Turbo
  • article date 7 August 2018 by R4YL

The first thing that struck me after taking the new Nike Pegasus Turbos’ out of the box is how lightweight the shoes are (the official word from Nike is that they are half the weight of the average running shoe), and with the bright racing stripe up the centre, they look fast! 

The Pegasus Turbos have been created with Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite and Nike Vaporfly 4% coupled with learnings from the world’s running elite, scaled for the everyday runner. They feature Nike’s Zoom X foam, which they describe as their most responsive foam ever, providing a really light and fast run with the greatest energy return of any Nike Foam.

The advice from the Nike EKIN’s was that the Turbos didn’t need to be broken in and they weren’t wrong. The shoes felt good immediately after putting them on and after 10kms they still felt great. 

I guess the best feedback I have on the Pegasus Turbos is that while I was running in them I never felt like I had new shoes on. I ran a course with a range of steep uphills, downhills, and stairs to see how the shoes held up and how my legs were feeling and can safely say they felt great across all of them. 

I’ve had a few calf and Achilles injuries over the years and the Turbo’s had less visible support than my other shoes but they do have a 10mm offset designed to minimise Achilles strain. Their articulated heel backs away from the Achilles to provide a more comfortable ride and after a couple of runs in them, including one of the steepest hills I’ve ever run up,  I’ve not felt any Achilles pain. 

In summary, the Pegasus Turbos are a great shoe; they feel fantastic from new, are super lightweight, and incorporate cutting-edge Nike technology.

For Nike fans, or those looking for a change, I definitely recommend them. 

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