5 Ways To Stick To The Schedule In Winter With Ana Croger

5 Ways To Stick To The Schedule In Winter With Ana Croger
  • article date 17 May 2017 by Ana Croger

It’s cold, its dark and the urge to press snooze and doze at least until the sun comes up is overwhelming.  So how do we keep training as the days get shorter and the chill sets in? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep motivated over the winter months:

  1. Get organised

Review and plan your schedule on the weekend so that you know what the week ahead looks like. That way you don’t have to think too much when the alarm goes off.  Get prepared the night before; clothes out, shoes out, body glide out the same as you would for a race. Again it takes the thinking away so you are focussed on simply having the strength to get out of bed and getting the most out of your session.

  1. Meet a friend

It is so much easier to run with a friend in winter. The number of times I have thought “gee the kids woke me up one too many times last night” but then I think of my friends standing there in the dark and cold waiting for me.  I am pretty quick to stop complaining and get moving so I don’t let them down.

  1. Run the first 1-2km near home

Inevitably you will get hot so run a short loop near home so you can dump the jumpers once you are warm. If you are doing a long run, plan ahead and pick a route that you can find a “dump the jumper” spot.

  1. Treat yourself

Treat yourself to some winter active wear. It doesn’t need to break the bank. There are a number of brands out there that have excellent active wear for winter. Make it a reward if you stick to your schedule two weeks in a row. The better you look, the better you feel and the more likely you are to jump out of bed to wear your new gear!

  1. Follow someone on social media that motivates you

We are so spoilt here at fisiocrem with some incredible sponsored athletes. If you are not motivated by these incredible people to jump out of bed and run I’m not sure what else will. Every time I see a post on Instagram I want to be out there running.

It’s not easy and there will be days where the motivation is simply not there. Don’t beat yourself up there is always the afternoon and tomorrow is another day.

Happy running!

Ana Croger | fisiocrem sponsored athlete

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