Brisbane Dad Makes a 1000 km Bee-Line for Sydney Opera House to Raise Awareness of Homegrown Honey

Brisbane Dad Makes a 1000 km Bee-Line for Sydney Opera House to Raise Awareness of Homegrown Honey
  • article date 29 June 2017 by R4YL

Brisbane local, Andrew Kwintowski, is set to create quite the buzz on July 3 when he sets off on his 1000 km run to Sydney, in a bid to raise community awareness of the plight of the honey bee. 

The father-of-three and professional wedding photographer has a passion for enduring physical challenge, but it’s the sentimental connection with the honey bee that is shared with his family that willsee him average 60kms a day, by foot, for nearly three weeks. 

“As well as being an epic adventure of highs and lows, passion for bees has run in my family ever since I can remember”, says Andrew. 

“Dad has always kept bees and has educated my brother and I about how they work and the importance of bees to the health of our food chain”, says Andrew. 

Andrew has welcomed one of Australia’s leading pain relief cream company, fisiocrem, as a new sponsor just in time for the big run to assist with those fatigued muscles. In fact, fisiocrem focus on using high concentration of natural plant extracts in all products, providing Andrew all-the-more reason to partner with the likeminded brand. 

“Bees are an essential part of pollinating 80% of plants throughout the world, so in a sense, it’s a true full circle scenario - bees help fisiocrem produce their cream, fisiocrem will help me on my run and I hope to help the bees”, says Andrew. 

Andrew is using his social media channels to call upon all Australian beekeepers along his run path to reach out so he can incorporate them in his awareness raising. 

He will be urging the public to support local beekeepers by sourcing their honey from these hard-working families and thereby also hopes to help strengthen bee colonies in Australia. 

“I really hope to raise community awareness of the value of the honey bee. Many people still see bees as pests - flying insects with stingers when, in fact, bees are responsible for a third of the worlds food supply”, says Andrew. 

Having taken part in 100 km non-stop events over the past three years, the 1000 km run comes as a new and most difficult challenge for the running enthusiast. Andrew’s support crew will consist of his parents who have hired an RV to keep up along the journey and his wife and kids (aged 2,6 and 9 years old) who will be joining him for parts of the course. 

“It’s the rewards that can’t be measured in terms of the weight of my wallet but rather the thickness of my photo album and the stories I can share with my kids that inspire me”, says Andrew. 

Andrew is set to complete his run across the country on July 21 where he will run his final moments up the steps of the Sydney Opera House. 

To keep up to date on what all the buzz is about, follow Andrew’s 1000 km Bee Run Blog: 


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