Product Review - ASICS Dynaflyte 2

Product Review - ASICS Dynaflyte 2
  • article date 2 August 2017 by R4YL

It was with great excitement that I opened the box with the new ASICS Dynaflyte 2 shoes when they arrived  for review. I’ve been a long time ASICS fan and have run in the first Dynaflytes for a while and found them to be really good. 

The first things I noticed about the new Dynaflyte 2 was the updated design which looks great and the weight of the shoes. These shoes are really light! 

I took them out for a run the day they arrived and they really delivered. The cushioning on the Dynaflyte 2 feels like you’re running on a couple of pillows and even though it was the first time I’d worn them, they felt comfortable for my whole run. It’s one of the reasons I keep going back to ASICS shoes, they feel good right from the first run and just get better once they wear in. I ran for just over 8kms the first time and have since added a couple of 10km runs and the Dynaflyte 2’s are still feeling great. 

If you’re a fan of ASICS already then you’ll love them. If you haven’t tried ASICS before and are looking for a new pair of runners then I’d definitely recommend the DynaFlyte 2. 

Here’s the official preview of the Dynaflyte 2 from ASICS themselves. 

The new ASICS DynaFlyte 2 is set to give an injection of speed and comfort for runners across all levels and needs – from park runners and city cruisers, to time trialists and marathon racers.

The DynaFlyte 2 features FlyteFoam, ASICS’ lightest-ever midsole technology. FlyteFoam works with the wearer’s foot to deliver superior cushioning every step of the way. It is also about 55% lighter than the industry standard midsole material, offering runners a comfortable fit with a fast, responsive feel.  

The DynaFlyte 2 is designed for runners wanting speed, versatility and comfort. Weighing just around 260g* (about 10g less than the previous DynaFlyte model), they offer the lightweight feel of a racing shoe without having to settle for a thin, uncomfortable midsole. An all-new Adapt Mesh™ breathable, seamless upper follows the movement of the wearer’s foot, improving flexibility and preventing irritation-causing wrinkles from forming as they move. Meanwhile, an updated design ensures the trainers look as good as they feel. 

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