Product Review - Brooks Ghost 10

Product Review - Brooks Ghost 10
  • article date 26 June 2017 by R4YL

I have to admit – I didn’t give the name of Brooks new running shoe much thought as I slipped them on for my first run in them. But the meaning and reasoning behind the name ‘Ghost” soon became very apparent! It was like my foot was being gently hugged by an invisible being. The shoe is really that light! But despite its invisible-like qualities, it was supremely secure, with an engineered mesh upper that comfortably wrapped my foot.

With smooth transitioning from heel strike to toe off, as well as soft landings with the shoe seeming to absorb my normally crash-like landings, there wasn’t much to fault. And one particular feature I loved was the elastic-style shoelaces, which not only stayed tied up, but were super easy to unknot.


Verdict: Running in Brooks latest shoe was like floating on a cloud…or in this case, a Ghost

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