Product Review - Jabra Sport Pulse & Jabra Sport Coach

Product Review - Jabra Sport Pulse & Jabra Sport Coach
  • article date 29 August 2017 by R4YL

We tried out the Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach special editions. Here are our thoughts:

Jabra Sport Pulse – Special Edition

RRP $249.99

I was pretty excited about trying these headphones, I'd always hated running with a headphone cord flying about. I sweat a lot when I run so I was also excited to see if cordless headphones would actually stay in my ears or whether they'd be uncomfortable and fall out.

A great thing I found about the Jabra Pulse was that the headphones had a huge range of sizing options inside the box with both ear gels and ear wings, so you could play around with the size and what felt best - which was a great help in keeping the headphones locked into my ears. 

These headphones use the in-ear heart rate monitor (together with the Jabra Sports Life app) to constantly calculate your VO2 Max level which tests your aerobic fitness. The headphones automatically measure your fitness level, and can tell you if you improve from workout to workout which I found really useful and also very motivating.

Based on your heart rate and fitness level, it will give you in-ear coaching as you run, and when you're finished your run, the Jabra Sport Life app will tell you the distance covered, pace, route, calories burnt and training effect - all without wearing any other type of fitness tracker. There was also a long list of other metrics you could choose to monitor just by adjusting the settings in your app. 

Overall, I found the headphones really easy to set up and use, and it was convenient that you could get all of the above features all in a set of headphones. They sound was really clear, and I had no issues with the battery life. I run for an hour on average about 3 times a week. In the month period I used these for I only charged them twice. 

These are the only bluetooth headphones I've tried, but I'd see no reason to need to try any other brand (most of which are more expensive) when everything I needed for my run, I got with the Jabra Pulse.

Jabra Sport Coach – Special Edition

RRP $224.99

Danish headset manufacturer Jabra began its personal sound story with its parent company’s hearing aids for the deaf so they know sound tech. Jabra itself has been in the business of Bluetooth running accessories for a while now, and has made a special effort to set itself apart in the fitness audio market. Products such as the Jabra Elite Sport (previously reviewed by our team) have shown that Jabra is taking running seriously. The newest product in Jabra's fitness range is the Sport Coach and I had the pleasure of trying out their special edition set.

Apart from playing audio wirelessly using Bluetooth, the headset is also Dolby-tuned and features in-ear audio coaching to go with your workout with a rep counter.

The charge time is super-quick and I found, once I spent the time selecting the right sized ear bud/wing-lock combo, that they stayed put surprisingly well.

There is a cord connecting the two ear buds together so while technically this is “wireless tech” the connection cable gave me the assurance that I would not lose one accidentally either on a run or at the bottom of my gym bag.

The noise canceling was excellent, great for the gym and treadmills though I am not the type to wear them on a mass-participation run or on-road as you would struggle with traffic noises. They would be amazing though for a long run on the track as you would certainly be in the zone and the coach feature means you would be updated on progress.

I found the sound quality excellent and was impressed overall with the features. I can’t wait to explore them more!

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