Product Review - Sundog Eyewear

Product Review - Sundog Eyewear
  • article date 10 July 2017 by R4YL

Sundog Eyewear promises great technology, design and innovation at a reasonable price, representing genuine performance with incredible value. We took a couple of pairs of their running eyewear out for a test run.

Our first reviewer (female, runs medium to long distance) had this to say about the Stack True Blue's -

'What better way to test out new running sunglasses then on a freakishly bright, sunny day? The first thing I thought as I popped them on my head - "my god they are light! Are they even on?". However, I knew they were indeed on when the bright glare of the day was taken away without making the world dark. No squinting (or wrinkles) for me thank-you very much! Having quite a small head, I was worried about them bouncing around; however they stayed completely stationary, and were super comfortable on my nose bridge. The only thing I feel could improve these glasses, is if they had a sweat pad above the eyebrows to stop sweat running into your eyes. These glasses, however, were aesthetically and practically pleasing - a winner in my eyes (pun intended). '

And our second reviewer (male, runs short to medium distance) said this about the Draw True Blue's -

'I don't normally run in sunglasses as my previous experiences had involved a lot of clouding lenses and constant adjustment of the glasses on my head so I was interested to see how the Sundogs went. The first thing I noticed is they look great, not too different from the sunglasses I normally wear day to day. The frames are really light, and were comfortable while I was out running. I've got a pretty big head but the adjustable temple tips kept them on even when I was sweating and the lenses were great reducing the brightness of the winter sun. Overall I was a big fan of these glasses and may have just been converted to running with them on a more regular basis. 

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